Is 'WhatFontIs' One of the Best Tools Online For Identifying Fonts?

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Suppose you’ve saved few Pinterest Pins which you had loved. Now what you liked one of the fonts there and you think it’s perfect for the branding that you’re looking for? How will you be able to figure out the font since you’re not a designer? Well, designers sometimes even can’t name each and every font that they see as this is a huge area that is impossible to cover for a particular designer. If this is the problem you’re facing, you need not fret as you can seek the help of an easier method of identifying any font that you see.

For identifying a font, you don’t have to scroll through 400,000 fonts so as to determine the name of the font which you like. WhatFontIs is one of those best tools for identifying fonts in an easy manner. If you don’t know how it works, read this review to know more on the font identifying tool.   

The Process of Identifying Fonts Easily

The very first step that you need to take is to obtain the clearest possible image of the font. In case you’re working on Mac, you can get a screenshot of the portion of the type by pressing Command-Shift-4 at once. Drag the cursor to the selected area or the type area which you want to take an image of. Save the screenshot as a .png file to your desktop folder.

Next, you have to go to and upload the sample of the font which is, of course, an image of the text. In case the background is darker in color than the font, make sure you tick the box and if you wish to crop the screenshot, all you require doing is ‘Activate the image editor’. Once you think you’re ready, press on Continue.

Then you will tell the tool, WhatFontIs, what the letter within the image are and let it identify such fonts. If yours is a free account, you can only use 10 letters and hence you should identify letters which differ a lot among fonts. One pitfall of WhatFontIs is that it detected ‘i’ and its dot as 2 separate characters.

The excessive ads that keep coming on the site are really disturbing. Although it is true that all need compensation for the kind of hard work that they do and the reasoning and logic behind this is perfectly okay. However, if you think you will use this more than once, it is always better to upgrade to a paid account.   

Can WhatFontIs Recognize Script Fonts?

Do you want to know whether or not WFI could identify fonts when they’re scripted? Well, the initial results didn’t seem to be too good enough. It has been seen that WFI couldn’t identify those characters which were connected. The only 2 letters which WhatFontIs could recognize as it is ‘q’ and ‘u’. If you paint the background, you’ll find the results to be a little bit better.

One more challenge was the font called ‘sans-serif’. The only issue with this font is that the circular dots which you find on ‘i’ was being seen as 2 different elements. The lower case ‘i’ isn’t seen as one element but you have better leads to follow on. The other download websites can definitely show ‘i’ as a full alphabet.

So, as we see, unless you’re someone who’s working with advertising accounts which range up to millions of dollars, WhatFontIs is definitely going to be extremely useful to help you find out the closest match for the best font that you love. For the budget-minded designers, this is definitely one of the handiest features.