Elon Musk Threw Some Serious Shade at Google’s New ‘Clips’ Camera

Google’s new camera ‘Clips’, as impressive as it is, has been met with quite a lot of criticism since its announcement at this year’s Pixel 2 keynote, and the latest big name to jump on the hate train is none other than Elon Musk.

Musk has always been a critic of AI, which Google Clips is powered by, and this time he took to Twitter to make his opinion public.

Replying to a tweet written by The Verge about Clips’ capabilities, Elon wrote: ”This doesn’t even *seem* innocent.” So it seems Mr. Musk, along with quite a few other people, think Google’s camera is a blatant disregard for privacy.

Google Clips works by using Artifical Intelligence to recognize faces that would be of interest to you, and then automatically start recording so you don’t miss anything important. Over time, Clips grows more and more intelligant and will always be able to automatically record your most important moments.

What do you think of the new device and its privacy concerns?

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