Apple’s iPhone X Has 3 Secret Face ID Features That Have Been Discovered

One of the most prominent features from the iPhone X launch was Face ID, and its ability to let you unlock your phone and pay for things with your face. Just typing that out sounds crazy. 

Did you know, however, the iPhone X actually knows when you’re looking at the phone and can respond accordingly? There are a few features of Face ID that have flown under the radar since it was announced, and they’re actually pretty cool.

First of all, when notifications appear on your phone, if you’re the one looking at it, it will display the entire notification, with all the relevant information, if it notices someone else is looking at the phone it will only display the notification source.

The iPhone X will also recognize when you are reading from the screen and purposely keep it lit, while also turning down the ringer volume.

Face ID in itself is one hell of a concept, we’ll have to wait until November to see if it can live up to the hype.

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