iPhone X: Necessary or Not? We Take a Look!

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So much has been said about the iPhone X that it feels like the launch was six months ago, not a mere few weeks. For the most part, the high cost of the phone has been the main discussion point -- for good reason. The X is the most expensive flagship phone ever, asking users to pay a price most of us wouldn’t spend on a laptop, never mind a phone.

As always with Apple, the launch comes with a range of new functionality. The loss of the ‘home’ button has caused concern, because ultimately, we humans don’t like change much. However, this loss has meant that the screen is now edge-to-edge, which undoubtedly creates a stunning display. The screen is going to be one of the major selling points of the phone, alongside a few interesting additions like Face ID and Portrait Lighting.

However, for the vast majority of smartphone users, the new functions aren’t particularly exciting. How is this oh-so-expensive device going to stack up for the basic, everyday functions that we all rely on a smartphone to perform?


Device Speed

Speed is one of the most important aspects of our smartphones. We’re not going to wait around for the UI to load; we want the phone we use to jump to our every request almost before we have thought of it.

The iPhone X performs well in this department. The new A11 Bionic chipset is more than capable of breezing through both the essential functions and the shiny new ones, making the phone arguably Apple’s more responsive ever. One of the major critiques of smartphones is that increased performance speed leads to a loss of battery life, but Apple are rumoured to have used a 10-nanometer manufacturing process to ensure that the extra power isn’t going to drain your battery. Even for basic users, that’s a huge bonus.

This should all lead to a better multitasking capability, too. So if you’re the kind of user who is always checking social media, playing games found here, and reading the news online all at the same time, then the iPhone X should be able to keep up with you.

However... The Price

It’s incredibly difficult to move past the price as a sticking point. Does the iPhone X do well enough in the core functions we expect to justify it?

At this point in time, it seems not. What Apple is trying to achieve with this release is not so much a whole new set of features, but a reimagining of what a smartphone should be. It’s innovative in the design sense -- the loss of the home button and finally adapting to fast charging -- but for the most part, there’s just not enough in the device to justify it for basic users.

Plenty of phones offer much the same functionality and speed without the hefty price tag. The major question lies over the battery life. If you’re the kind of user who tends to forget to keep their powerbank with them at all times, then maybe the price is worth it for the sheer convenience. For the most part though, if you’re not a power user, the iPhone X just doesn’t offer enough bang for its substantial buck.