20 Unique Print Ads You Can Take Inspiration From

Advertising is not simple, but when it’s done right it can be extremely effective. Shuttershock has put together a collection of unique print ads that stick out from the rest in the best way possible and can keep you inspired for any upcoming projects. Check them out below and head to Shuttershock for the full collection.

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1. Create an optical illusion

2. Play with shadow

3. Make a bold statement

4. Pique your audience’s interest

5. Skip the product and focus on the results

6. Harness the power of type

7. Reference current events

8. Experiment with scale

9. Reinterpret a familiar image

10. Manipulate the product

11. Let the product speak for itself

12. Be brutally blunt

13. Enlist the help of technology


14. Embrace illustration

15. Rethink everyday objects

16. Maximize your placement

17. Reflect the product in your design

18. Demonstrate the benefits of the product

19. Change the way consumers see the world

20. Keep it simple