Artist Creates Epic Night-Sky Ceiling Mural To Help Children Sleep Better

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When kids can't sleep, parents try all manner of things to get their little ones off, but I think we finally have a winner. Crispin Young Wilson is a hardware tech who also has a keen eye for creating amazing night-sky paintings, so when her friend contacted her to paint his son, Ben’s, room because he wasn't sleeping well, she jumped at the chance.

“[My friend] has a little boy who refuses to sleep in his own room,” Crispin told Buzzfeed. “When my friend got his new place, he wanted me to come over and paint the room, hoping it will entice his son to sleep in it.”

So Crispin got to work with her glow-in-the-dark paint and the resulting starscape is absolutely mind-blowing. Ben loved it and now can't wait to go to bed each night.

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