10 Awesome Gadgets You’ve Never Seen But You Definitely Need (August 2017)

We’ve put together a small list of interesting gadgets we’ve found around the web, that aren’t particularly well-known or popular, but definitely need to be. If you know if anything that could be added to the list, make sure to add it in the comments. 

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Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock

No keys or combinations needed, simply unlock with your smartphone.

AcTek Bluetooth Speaker with Phone Holder

Wireless Bluetooth speaker with 360° surround crystal-clear sound technology.

MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer- Black

Easily organsize your cables with this minimal magnetic pod that all your cables attach to when they’re not in use.

Pilot Automotive USB Batteries

Each battery cable of 500 recharges and delivers 1040mAh of power per charge.

Hidden Spy Cube Alarm Clock Camera

A genius camera with night vision, motion detection, invisible lens and video recorder, all in the shape of an alarm clock.

Oaxis Inkcase eReader for iPhone 7

Easily add another screen to your iPhone 7. 

Hori Full HD Monitor for PlayStation 4

Full 1080p HD monitor specifically for the PS4, built in stereo speakers and dual audio output jacks.

Balance Wu Design Pulpop Speaker 

The world’s most environmentally and design friendly speaker.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

The world’s first smart, microwave-to-erase notebook. Works in conjunction with the Rocketbook app to use your real life notes to Google Docs, Dropbox etc.

Mighty Mug Ice the Mug Tumbler

The genius mug that will never fall over.

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