This Secret Trick Will Let You Post Photos To Instagram From Your Mac

If you’re on a Mac you’ll know that posting photos to Instagram is pretty much all done by mobile. You always have the option to use third-party apps, but the whole process always seems a bit dodgy. 

Well now there’s a pretty legit way that lets you post to Instagram from your Mac, using the Instagram website – and all you need is Google Chrome.

To try this method, start by logging into your Instagram on the desktop version of Google Chrome, then pull up the options menu (the three dots in the top-right corner) and select Developer Tools in the More Tools section. (Don’t be intimidated by all the code, all that is irrelevant).

By clicking the Toggle Device Toolbar (that’s the icon that looks like a smartphone in front of a tablet) near the top left corner, you’ll be able to switch up your browser agent. In other words, Chrome will think you’re logged in on mobile.

You will now be able to post photos from your desktop, some of the features including filters and zoom are taken away, but the basics are there, and it’s definitely something that is worth knowing.1

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