The PITAKA New Wallet May Just Be The Most Useful Wallet You Own

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A lot of wallet makers nowadays go out their way to be as minimal as possible without thinking of what matters most: design and ease of use. The PITAKA New wallet covers this absolutely perfectly.


The PITAKA New Wallet is made entirely of carbon fiber, so although it may not look it at times, it's one of the lightest wallets on the market. Its main selling point is definitely its modular design, which means you can decide what elements you want to use and implement for different occasions, all held together with powerful magnets.


With every module used at the same time, you can fit a maximum of 11 cards in there at once, which is no easy task in the days of 'minimal wallets', but where the PITAKA New Wallet really stands out is that it also has optional additional layers where you can store things like keys, a bottle opener, coins, and even memory cards. There is also a pretty cool tool card which you can attach if needed.

Because the wallet is held together with magnets it allows for a modular design which is unbelievably customizable. If you're heading out quick and know you only need a couple of cards, you can create a slim, minimalist design with only a couple of layers, alternatively, if you need quite a few cards, cash, keys, change and maybe more, you may want to add more layers.


Because the wallet is made of carbon fiber, it has RFID blocking meaning that no one will be stealing any information from any of your cards inside it. 

We certainly recommend PITAKA New Wallet; it's fun, light, easy to use, does what a good wallet needs to do, and most importantly it's modular, you can literally change it around to fit your needs. 

PITAKA New Wallet has just launched on Kickstarter and it's already doing extremely well, it reached its goal within 8 hours and is already over 150% of its original goal 

Limited Early Bird price for PITAKA New Wallet is still available for $69, so get in there quick! If you're interested, check it out here.