Mobile Apps – Key Elements Explained

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Apps are no longer alien to people. You get to hear about new apps almost daily on Android news and most of the major technology-related news portals that offer updates about the latest version of apps and their improved functionalities. However, in this article, few basics and advanced aspects related to mobile apps have been discussed that will help you to understand this emerging technology even better.

Meaning of App

What is an app in the first place? It is no rocket science but is basically a software program that can be downloaded and used if you have a smartphone or any other handheld device at your disposal.

Remember, in this regard, a music player is also included. Apps are available in different categories that offer varying functionalities and in the majority of the cases, you will be able to relate to the app use by its name. Aside from a mobile or handheld device as mentioned above, you also need internet connectivity.

Buying an App

As far as buying these apps are concerned, you can do so from the online stores that are offered by the various operating systems they are compatible with. Also, you will be able to know the latest version or the version history, developer history, and related website of the developer prior to downloading the app. For instance, if you are planning to download an app that is friendly with the Android OS, if you follow Android news on a regular basis, you will be able to keep track of the latest developments pertaining to that app, you are planning to download if you have a device that is compatible with Android OS.

An important aspect that you ought to keep in mind is that the app you download should be compatible with the operating system of the device you are using.

Notable operating systems that offer the provision to download apps include Blackberry, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Alternatively, you will also be able to download apps from online stores. However, it is best to download apps from a reputed service provider to ward off online evil mongers like viruses and malware.

Free Apps and Paid Apps

Why are apps free? Making apps free does not mean that the developers don’t make any money. They do so but by other means. For instance, advertisement space is sold within the app. As such, the more these apps are downloaded, the better it is for the developer because they earn from the advertisement space that is contained within the app.

Offering apps for free also has the advantage of maximum circulation. In-house app purchases usually offer greater features and you must shell out money for the same for buying it from the app store.

Remember, if you are not willing to shell out a lot on an app, you could opt for the basic version of the same, which will offer basic features. Once you are satisfied with the features being offered, you could buy the advanced version that will have more features.

Is Privacy a Cause of Concern For You?

When you download an app, it goes without saying that there are apps that will be able to invade your privacy to a certain extent. Usually, it is seen apps can access your phone contacts, internet data, call list, the location of your device, and most importantly, how and the frequency with which you access the app that you download.

Accessing the information mentioned above can breach your privacy because in that case, the app developer, the app store, or the advertisement firm might collect the way you are browsing or using the app. And in the majority of the cases, this report is passed on to a third party, which is not desirable. Under such circumstances, you could alter the privacy settings of your device.