4 Useful Tools to Help Keep a Mac Clean

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Even if you’re the neatest person, your Mac is bound to get a little bit dirty over time. Typically a thin layer of dust may accumulate on the screen, or some oily smudges on peripherals. Of course keeping a Mac ‘clean’ is about more than its exterior as well, and you’ll also want to deal with any ‘junk’ that is cluttering its hard drive.

The good news is that it doesn’t take much to keep a Mac clean. In fact all you need are a few useful tools and you should be all sorted:

  • Microfiber cloth

For most cleaning purposes Apple recommends using a ‘damp, lint-free’ cloth – but a microfiber cloth can do the same even if dry. With it you’ll be able to clean most of the exterior of your Mac, by gently wiping it down. If you prefer you can dampen it slightly as well to tackle some of the more oily areas, but that often isn’t necessary.

  • Compressed air

One of the most useful tools when cleaning peripherals is a can of compressed air. It should be easy enough to find one in any hardware or DIY shop, and it can be used to help clear any gunk or other debris from crevices in your keyboard or other peripherals. Having a can of compressed air can also help if you want to get dust out of the vents in your Mac – though that may require that you crack the case open.

  • Cable organizer

Inevitably you are bound to have tons of cables running to and from your Mac – acting as a natural hiding spot for dirt and dust. With a cable organizer you can tame that mess of cables, and make it easier to wipe the area around them so that dirt and dust never end up accumulating.

  • Hard drive cleaner

Nowadays there are many hard drive cleaning apps such as Movavi Mac Cleaner that can help you to track down junk and other unnecessary files and remove them from your hard drive. It is important to do so is because over time these files can fill up your hard drive and cause it to slow down, which can be avoided by regularly cleaning them out.

It is worth noting that as tempting as it may be you must never use any aerosol sprays, solvents or abrasives as these could damage parts of your Mac. Additionally you should always power down your Mac before cleaning it and if you are wiping an area that has any openings then care should be taken that moisture does not get into the interior of the Mac.

All in all however with the four tools listed above you should be able to keep your Mac physically clean while ensuring its hard drive is too. If properly cared for your Mac will reliably last you for a long time to come – which is why cleaning it regularly is so worthwhile and something that you should make a habit of.