10 WhatsApp Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

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There are a plethora of messaging services around, there always has been, but none really come close to WhatsApp, ever since Facebook bought it for just under $20m, it's been the king and it doesn't look like anything's going to take its crown for a while. 

The popular messaging app still has quite a few features which aren't very well known. Here are 10 "hidden" features in WhatsApp that everyone should know about.

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1. Get Siri to read your last message.

In the latest WhatsApp update you're now given the abilty to ask Siri what your latest message says. Pretty clever, especially for when you're driving.

2. Hide the dreaded blue ticks.

By going to Settings > Account > Privacy and switching off Read Receipts, your friends will never know that you are ignoring them. 

3. Change your WhatsApp number if you switch numbers.

The service is not linked by your actual phone number, just the number you first entered to verify it. If you get a new number, you can change your WhatsApp number quite easily by going to Settings > Account > Change Number and following the steps from there.

4. Stop photos from being saved to the camera roll.

Phone storage space is a precious thing, WhatsApp can easily take up a lot of it by auto saving the photos you've received. To avoid this, head to Apple Settings > Privacy > Photos and then un-select WhatsApp from the list, banning the app from saving new pictures to the camera roll.

5. Access WhatsApp on the web and from the desktops apps.

WhatsApp Web, accessed via web.whatsapp.com, brings the phone experience to your computer and is available in all major browsers. They've also now bought out a desktop app, so you'll never miss a message again. 

6. See how many messages you and your friends have sent to each other.

This can be quite eye-opening. To find out whom you communicate with most on WhatsApp, go to Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage.

7. Make words you send bold or italic.

Add an asterisk either side of the word or phrase for *bold*. Add an underscore either side of the word or phrase for _italic_. Add a tildes to either side of the word or phase for ~strikethrough~.

8. Mute group chats.

This can be a life-saver if your chat is being particularly vocal. Go to the group chat in question, click on its name and select “Mute,” where you will be presented with three options: eight hours, a week, and a year.

9. Bookmark important messages.

Some messages are more important than others, if you want to save a certain message just hold down on it then press the star icon.

10. Customise notifications.

You can get alternative notifications for different chats by heading to the chat, clicking the name and going to “Custom Notifications,” where a different sound can be selected.