I've been waiting for the new MacBook Pro for two years now. I had the need for a specific type of setup whereby I wanted one machine which I can take between the office and home, and also connect them up to 4K or 5K monitors at either place. The last generation of MacBook's handled 4K displays but it wasn't a very smooth process, with the fans coming on a lot, UI stuttering and overall sluggish performance. The 2016 MacBook Pro overcomes all of that and is a much smoother machine when it comes to working on high resolution displays.


As expected, build quality is phenomenal. Apple are the leaders in this space and the MacBook is no exception. The finish of the Space Grey is also beautiful, I prefer it much more over the previous gen silver.


There is the new TouchBar and TouchID. I've found the TouchBar more than a gimmick if anything. I ended up setting it to the default controls you used to find on the previous MacBook's. I like having quick access to music controls and volume controls.

TouchID though is amazing. Being able to log in to my MacBook without having to type the password in all the time is a great experience. It's also super fast and responsive. 


There are only four USB-C ports and a headphone jack. There is no SD card slot. I used the SD card slot a lot and am very disappointed they got rid of it. To use older peripherals you have to carry around quite a few dongles. As you can see from the image above, it's a mess.


My favourite displays to use with the MacBook are the DELL P2415Q and P2715Q. Both are amazing monitors and offer great color accuracy. They're great for designers, photographers and video editors.


Overall a pretty great machine but probably not worth upgrading if you have a MacBook from last year. Also if you're not tied into MacOS you will most likely be better off with a Windows machine where you will get better value for money. But if you're like me and rely on programs such as Sketch, Final Cut Pro and other similar MacOS only apps, this is great machine.