The 11 Vines That Will Always Be Part Of Meme History

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As we're sure you're very aware, last week Twitter killed its famous viral video app, Vine. It's been a sad couple of days for people around the world, but let's reflect on the positives,  Vine was responsible for some of the most prolific memes over the last couple of years and has given us so much. To honour that, let's take a look at some of the top Vines that changed meme history forever.

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1. Run.

2. What are thoooose?

3. Why the fuck you lying?

4. Hotline tennis

5. Do it for the vine

6. The happy sad kid

7. "Wooooooh!"

8. Okay.

9. The Jason Derulo cat

10. Dammmmn Daniel

11. Deez nuts