AIAIAI's Popular Modular Headphones Now Have a Bluetooth Headband

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One of our favourite pair of headphones that we've ever been sent have to be the TMA-2's by AIAIAI (you can read our review here), they've got everything you need from a good pair of headphones, apart from one thing, they've never offered a wireless bluetooth version. Well, that's just changed.

If you've never used AIAIAI headphones before, they work on a modular system, so you can literally build your perfect pair. So instead of releasing completely new headphones they've just released the band, which is perfect for people who already own a pair of TMA-2's.

They currently have a Kickstarter campaign where they're selling either just the headband to put on your current headphones, or the entire set. If you've never tried TMA-2's before we genuinely can't recommend them anymore.