Update: The FLOAT Shelf raised 90% of their goal within just 3 days, so they're expanding! They're making the shelf available for all earlier iMacs and Apple Thunderbolt and Cinema displays, including:

  • 17", 20" and 21.5" iMacs
  • 24" and 27" iMacs
  • 27" Thunderbolt displays
  • 20" and 23" Cinema displays
  • 24", 27" and 30" Cinema displays

If there's an essential iMac accessory that Apple is yet to release, it's one that makes use of the area behind it. Luckily this new FLOAT Shelf by Prism Designs does just that.

The new accessory adds a shelf that sits on and goes all the way across the back of your iMac and it goes live on Kickstarter today. It was sent to us by Prism Designs for us to try out, and we can safely say it's a solid piece of kit.

As soon as you hold the shelf in your hands you realise that it's not just some cheap, plasticky prop. The anodized aluminum finish complements the iMac perfectly, and its heavy weight mixed with the fact it's made out of aircraft-grade aluminum means it can hold a pretty respectable 4.5KG (10lbs) of weight.

Photo 11-10-2016, 12 06 03.jpg

The FLOAT Shelf was only compatible with the tapered edge iMacs and came in two different sizes, one for the 21.5" iMacs and one for the 27", however it has been updated to support all Macs and Cinema Displays (see update above). The FLOAT Shelf will set you back $75 for the Kickstarter Early Birds - which is a more-than-fair price given our experience with it.

Pledge to the Kickstarter here, the expected delivery date will be around April next year. We can't imagine these will last long so get your order in quick.