The 'HP Pavilion Wave' Is One Of The Best Looking PC's You'll Ever See

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Obviously, it's very much a subjective view, but most of us will agree that Apple is the company to go to when it comes to bringing out computers that are the most pleasing to the eye. Macbooks have been king of the laptops for years, iMacs are pretty much unrivaled, and the Mac Pro, even with its 'trash can' comparisons, is arguably one of the most brilliantly designed pieces of tech on the market.

Well now there's a new kid on the block courtesy of HP, the Pavillion Wave is a PC that's definitely looking to knock the Mac Pro of its pedestal with its vertically arranged, out-of-the-norm body, Windows 10 OS and awesome Bang & Olufsen speaker that rises out of the top of it. 

When the Pavillion Wave hits the shelves on September 16th, prices will start at just $529. Mac Pro, watch out.

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