The All-New Playstation 4 Pro Looks Unreal

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Sony, as expected, announced what we thought would be the Playstation Neo today, however the newly named Playstation 4 Pro was announced, and it looks pretty awesome.

Their New York press conference started with Sony announcing the PS4 Slim, which will be launching September 15th at a price of $299/£259.

After that brief announcement, came the reveal of the all-new PS4 Pro. Aimed at power users, the Pro uses 4K HDR technology to output some unbelievable graphics for both games and video.

The console will also see increased performance in its CPU, GPU, and RAM, and come with a 1TB hard drive - a step up from the current 500GB standard.

Both new consoles will be matte black, getting rid of the half gloss on the current generation of the console.

The two newly-announced Playstations.

The two newly-announced Playstations.

There were a host of games previewed on the new 4K PS4, and to say they look outstanding would be an understatement. Arguably one of the most exciting, and impressive games, graphics-wise, was Horizon Zero Dawn. Check out some footage below.