The 13 Best Features of iOS 10

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The latest version of Apple's iOS was released yesterday, after some small teething issues, it seems everything is running smoothly now. Here's a look at the best features you can expect from iOS 10.

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1. You can now delete pre-installed apps

A long requested feature has been the ability to delete or hide pre-installed apps such as Stocks, Weather etc, you can now do that with the exception of Messages, Clock, and Health.


2. Customise your messages

Messages has been overhauled in iOS 10, you can now customise how your sent messages will look, to suggest shouting, or whispering for example. They can also now be in your own handwriting.


3. Invisible Ink

An interesting new feature that lets you send a message or photo that remains hidden until the recipient swipes to reveal it. Snapchat, watch out.

4. Emoji's and Keyboards

More than 100 new emojis have been added in iOS 10. Text prediction will now include emojis. Also, you will now be able to quickly replace emoji-able words with the matching emoji, once you've finished writing the message. There is also now contextual predictions, for example, if you were to type "I'm available at..." your calendar will pop up as an option.

5. Maps comes with a huge update

The Maps app has now been opened up to developers, which means there are only good things to come. For now, they've updated it to provide suggestions for places to visit, routes will be searchable during a journey, for example, if you wanted to add in a petrol station on the route, you now can.

6. Home app

The new Home app lets you turn on lights, unlock doors and raise your smart window blinds. Each of these actions can also be carried out simultaneously.

7. Apple Music redesign

Apple music has been redesigned to make it easier to find and play your songs and favourite tracks, as well as making lyrics visible while you're playing music.


8. Raise to wake

As of iOS 9 you needed to wake up your phone by either pressing the power button, or the home button (which often resulted in you unlocking your phone, even when you didn't want to), now you can simply pick up your phone and it will illuminate your screen.

9. Photos

On iOS 10 you can now search for photos by the people tagged in them. Your photos app now has the ability to turn your photos into short films, just like Facebook does.

10. Apple Pay on the web

You can now pay for goods through Safari on macOS or iOS using Apple Pay, it will still need to be authenticated using a fingerprint-enabled iPhone or the Apple Watch, but this will save a lot of time once online shops start getting on board with it.

11. Launch the camera faster

You can now launch the camera from the lockscreen quicker than ever: simply swipe to the left and you're ready to snap away.

12. Make sure you're getting enough sleep

New to the clock app is a feature that gives you the ability to make sure you get into and get out of bed at the same times every day (which is better for your body).


13. Notifications on the lockscreen

One of the most immediate changes you will see will be an improvement to how notifications are managed on the lockscreen. What has changed depends on the app, but in Messages for example, you will be able to see the whole conversation thread if you wanted to, you also get a lot more options with 3D-Touch-enabled devices.