Lincoln's New Navigator Concept Is The Mother Of All Motors

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The new Lincoln Navigator Concept is an absolute monster of a car. The SUV concept is meant to be a giving us a good idea of what the next generation of Navigator will look like, and if it's anything like this, it's looking exciting. Lincoln focuses on 'elegance and beauty', which definitely shines through in the Navigator's design. It has quite literally got everything you need inside it; two large screens so TV can be watched or games can be played, an intercom and video chat system (yes it's actually that big), epic Gullwing doors, steps leading up into the actual car, trunk storage some of us can only dream of, and so much more.

We're not sure how much of this will actually be in the final car, but it's pretty cool to see in the meantime. Cadillac... watch out.

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via Airows & The Verge