Apple's New Wireless Earphones Are How Much?!

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If you're yet to see our recap of yesterday's Apple event check it out here. We covered most of the stuff but only gave a small mention to Apple's newest earphones.

Dubbed the 'Airpods', they're Apple's first truly wireless earphones and they pretty much just look like Earpods with the wires cut off.

Obviously, we haven't had a chance to test them out yet, so to say that they are or are not worth their money wouldn't be fair. But their price point of $159 is laughable. From what has been reported, they're pretty much just Apple's old wired Earpods with Bluetooth functionality.

The connectivity looks seamless, they charge via their case (which has a Lightning port), you can use them for up to five hours from one charge, with the case supplying an additional 25 hours from a single charge. All this doesn't seem to add up to $159 worth of wireless earphone, and it's got a lot of people confused. Check out some pics of the new tech below.