40 Sure-Fire Ways To Help You Stay Productive

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Keeping productive can be a big problem for even the most successful people, many books of advice have been written about how to make the most of your work hours and smash out daily tasks, but you don't need books, here's 40 small ways to help you stay productive.

You don't need to remember and exercise all 40 points, just focus on a couple everyday and you'll notice your workflow go up in no time.

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1. Keep your desk clean.

2. Silence your phone.

3. Mute your email during work hours.

4. Write distractions down for later.

5. Take regular breaks.

6. Save non-important articles in Pocket.

7. Block notifications.

8. Don't always just work at the office.

9. Sit by a window.

10. Go for walks.

11. Get the right amount of sleep, healthy food and exercise.

12. Create a comfortable temperature for you to work in.

13. Meditate.

14. Buy plants.

15. Listen to music you enjoy.

16. Put up pictures of things that make you happy, whether it be family members, pets or art.

17. Keep meetings short and sweet.

18. Delegate.

19. Track exactly where your time goes.

20. Simplify your inbox with Unroll.me.

21. Quit Facebook during work hours.

22. Automate tedious tasks.

23. Batch similar tasks.

24. Try a dictation app.

25. Cut out bad habits.

26. Quit multitasking.

27. Prioritize your tasks everyday.

28. Don't check your email until you've worked for 2 hours.

29. Write your 3 most important tasks on a Post It.

30. Do your most important task first.

31. Smile and be happy.

32. Write tomorrows to-do list tonight.

33. Try to do your most creative tasks first.

34. break big tasks into bitesize pieces.

35. "Eat the Frog."

36. If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it now.

37. Work out when you work best.

38. Make progress visible and celebrate small wins.

39. "Don't break the chain."

40. Bribe yourself with a reward.