10 Easy Ways To Get More Storage On Your iPhone

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Running out of space on your iPhone? Yeah, who isn't? Here's how to free up some storage on your iPhone or iPad to improve the device's performance and make room for some more selfies. 

1. Clear Safari history and website data

Many websites save temporary data on your devices. To clear it, go to Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data > Clear History and Data.

2. Clear Safari Reading List

Safari's Reading List saves webpages for reading offline. If you use it a lot, saved webpages can take a lot of space on your phone or tablet. To delete them, go to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Safari and select Offline Reading List.

3. Use iCloud Photo Library

iCloud Photo Library is a useful feature that uploads all your photos to the cloud, allowing you to save space on your device. To enable it, go to Settings > iCloud > Photos > iCloud Photo Library.

4. Delete unused apps

We bet there is more than one app installed on your phone that you haven't used for weeks. Why don't you delete it? Certain apps download and store huge amounts of data that takes up a lot of space on your device. To delete an app, go to the home screen and hold your finger on its icon until the x appears in the corner, tap it and it's gone.

5. Delete your music and go to the cloud

Days when we had to store our favourite songs on our phones and tablets are gone. With so many streaming services out there, you can listen to music without saving a single track on your device.

6. Delete unnecessary screenshots and photos

Do you really need that screen of a funny Snap you've received over a year ago? Go ahead and delete it. Old screenshots and photos can quickly fill up your device's memory.

Go to the gallery and delete those that you don't need anymore. To get rid of duplicate photos, try downloading one of the apps available in the AppStore.

7. Delete large iMessage & WhatsApp conversations

If you text a lot, your conversations may take a ton of storage space on your device. Delete those that contain many photos and videos to free valuable memory.

8. Delete messages from after a set period

It's not commonly know that you can actually delete any messages that have been on the device for longer than a stipulated period - anything older than 30 days, or anything more than a year old. You do this via Settings > Messages > Message History > Keep Messages, select a time parameter, then click Delete.

9. Only save HDR photos

HDR is a neat feature that takes three photos at three different exposures and combines them into a single image to give you the best result.

Unfortunately it also saves a "normal" version of each photograph. To disable it and save space, go to Settings > Photos & Camera and toggle the “Keep Normal Photo” switch off.

10. Find out which apps are taking up the most space

A handy way of finding and deleting the apps that are taking up the most space is to go to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage, then tap Manage Storage in the first section (Storage, rather than iCloud). Now you can see what apps are taking up the most space and act accordingly, for instance if you see that the Podcasts are taking up a large chunk of your space then you know it's time to delete some.