About a week ago, Samsung announced it's special edition of the Galaxy S7 Edge called the Injustice Edition. It features a custom colour scheme; special, blacked-out Gear VR headset; and special Batman-themed plastic case, all packed into a box capped off with a gold-coloured batarang.

Realistically it's just a Galaxy S7 with a Batman facelift, but anything with a Batman facelift needs some attention. The Injustice Edition, which should definitely just be called 'The Batman Phone' also comes with its own unique theme that has a custom lockscreen, icons, always-on display, custom dialer and tweaked settings. It's not as good-looking as the custom paint job, but you can change the theme back if wanted.

Unfortunately, Samsung is only selling the Injustice Edition S7 Edge in a handful of markets and there's no indication if or when it will come to the US or the UK. Check out some photos of the new device below.