Netflix Reveals Which Shows You’re Binging On The Most

We all like a binge on Netflix every now and again, Narcos, Peaky Blinders, Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead, and many others have all had us hooked to our screens for hours on end at some point. 

In a newly released ‘binge scale‘, Netflix have shown us what TV shows are being watched the fastest. Rather than share their viewership data which they can’t do, they did a study of 100 TV shows and tracked its global base of subscribers on how they watched them in a seven-month period. The results showed that most subscribers finish the first season of a show in about a week while putting in about two hours a day.

The scale shows that comedies and political dramas like House Of Cards are savoured most by Netflix subscribers, yet on-the-other-hand horrors, sci-fi shows, and thrillers are the most binged on. Check out the scale below and Netflix’s blog post to see a more in-depth look.


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