Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones Review

New York-based audio company Master & Dynamic were kind enough to send us a pair of their ME05 earphones. They’ve got a great reputation for producing quality headphones, so we were more than excited to try out the ME05’s.

The packaging is second to none. A minimalistic approach with everything in it’s place, and that’s all that’s needed. The box includes the earphones, a cleaning cloth, extra speaker filters, different size ear buds, a wire clip, a carrying case, a pouch, and a note that explains what Master & Dynamic are about.

The leather carrying case that houses the spare filters, ear buds, and the earphones when you first get them is brilliant. Just by touch, you can tell it’s great quality.

Similarly, the solid brass earphones provide enough weight to give a real classy and expensive feel. A trait which a lot of companies neglect. The black mixed with the palladium coated details make for some seriously good-looking earphones.

Sound wise, the ME05’s produce some of the best quality I’ve ever heard from earphones. We’re not audio experts at UltraLinx, but we know what good earphones sound like, and the ME05’s produce some of the smoothest, highest quality sounds we’ve heard, without comprimising on bass.

So onto the negatives, and believe me there’s not many: Master & Dynamic give you three extra pairs of ear buds to make the earphones fit as comfortably as possible for ears of all sizes. The problem is, out of the four available different sizes available, none of them fit my ears perfectly – they wouldn’t last two minutes in my ears without slowly slipping out. Given the choice of ear buds available, you can only assume that it’s my ears that are the problem, although I’ve never had this issue before.

Other than that, the only other negative is the price, justifying spending $199 on a pair of earphones is hard to do, even for earphones with the sound quality and looks that the ME05’s have. 

To conclude, the ME05’s sound near-perfect for their size and look incredible when you’re using them – the one problem is keeping them in your ears long enough for anyone to notice them, and at $199, the price could be a problem for some.

Master & Dynamic ME05 Earphones – $199