macOS Sierra: Everything You Need To Know

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Apple's latest Mac OS was released last night at WWDC. Not only did it get a change of name, it also got quite a few new features. Here's everything you need to know.

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  • 'OS X' is no more. A change of the naming format has been rumoured for a while now and it's latest version is 'macOS Sierra'. 
  • Siri is finally making its way to Mac. It will sit in the Mac's menu bar as an icon and will of course support voice control so you can use 'Hey Siri'.
  • You will now be able to unlock your Mac and Macbook with your Apple Watch or iPhone.
  • You will now be able to use Apple Pay to pay for things on your Mac. Instead of sharing your credit card informations, you can now choose to pay with Apple Pay, a notification will pop up on your phone, scan your fingerprint and it's paid for.
  • Universal Clipboard has been introduced - you can now copy text or photos from one device and paste on another.
  • iCloud Drive will now let you get access to the files on your desktop from any other Mac, or even from your iPhone or iPad.
  • Just like iOS 10, the Messages app will be getting an overhaul. Bringing web link previews and in-app video watching, reactions, and bigger, better emoji. 
  • Sierra will bring some pretty neat features to optimize your storage, you'll be able to control a lot easier what is on your hard drive and what is on your cloud.
  • You'll now be able to watch movies and TV shows while carrying on with what else you're doing. 'Picture in Picture' puts any video into its own pop-out window to take up whatever space you like so it's always visible to you.

macOS Sierra will be launched in public beta in July this year, and then the full version is scheduled to be released around October. Just like past updates, Sierra will be completely free.