We've covered renowned watch maker ZIIIRO on UltraLinx before, and for good reason, they make some of the most visually appealing watches we've ever come across. They've just released a new series of Gravity Plus+ watches and they're some their best yet, with some gorgeous colour choices to choose from and ZIIIRO's instantly recognizable swirl watch face, it's a head-turner of a wrist watch.

All ZIIIRO Plus+ watches are fully compatible with all models from the interchangeable series so you can mix and match to get your perfect combination. The Gravity Plus+ watch is constructed using 316L stainless steel casing and patent pending clasp-less silicone strap which, going by their previous models, is as comfy as it is good-looking.


For just $169, you're getting a lot of watch for you money. We'd definitely recommend checking them out.

While you're here, it'd be rude not to talk about our favourite (and ZIIIRO's best selling) watch of all time -  Eclipse Steel. The Steel is one hell of a good-looking, well-crafted time piece but it's not until you hold it on your hands, or more importantly wear it on your wrist, that you know how much of a class watch this is. 


The Eclipse Steel breathes style and sophistication, and now there's so many colour variations that it's near-impossible to find one you don't like.

You can pick one up here with prices starting at $209.00, a steal at that price.