These Cronometrics Watches Are Unbelievably Stylish

Last week we showed you about ZIIIRO’s gorgeous new watches. Well now we’re lucky enough to show you two styles of watches by new a new brand called Cronometrics. Cronometrics focuses on style, purity in design and a triangle as its core concept: the three points represent the tri-color spectrum as well as the three dimensions humans can perceive.

The watches themselves are everything you want in a time piece. Subtly elegant, head-turningly unique, and filled with the perfect amount of class.

Cronometrics was only established earlier this year, but already boasts two watch models: The Architect and The Engineer. The Architect is the more minimal of the two designs, with it’s simple, elegant face, that adopts the triangle – aiming to show that “time is not necessarily best spent wisely, but creatively”.

The Engineer is more of a head-turner, with it’s multiple dials and slightly more complex face design. Our personal favourites are the S6 and S8 models.

All models are less than 10mm thick and have a width of 42mm. Other than that, most watches have different straps and finishes so we highly recommend checking out the collection.

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