7 Ways Successful People Spend Their Monday Mornings

Most of us struggle to locate the snooze button on a Monday morning, let alone actually make it out of bed. Successful people don’t have the same problems because they follow a strict morning routine. Lets take a look at how successful people’s Monday morning routines differ from that of the unsuccessful.

1. Wake Up Early

Time is precious, and getting things done means getting up early. On the flip side, successful people understand sleep is important and getting enough of it is key.

2. Walk The Dogs

For dog owners, an early morning stroll gives you time to wake up, get active and spend time thinking about how you’re going to spend the week.

3. Make Time For A Healthy Breakfast

31 million Americans skip breakfast every day. Successful people understand that a healthy morning meal is vital to fuelling the rest of their day.

4. Work Out

It’s hard to fit in a work out in the morning, but getting up early enough can make it a lot easier. Aside from the obvious health benefits, exercise is proven to improve mood and confidence, so avoid the evening rush and get there as soon as possible.

5. Keep Your Emails In Check

A chaotic inbox can kill your enthusiasm for the day ahead. Regularly keep on top of emails to quash any chances of you feeling unmotivated for the rest of your Monday.

6. Keep On Top Of The News

Whether it’s a newspaper with your morning coffee or checking Twitter on your commute, it’s always important to stay up to date with current affairs. Plus certain headlines can be conversation starters once you get to the office.

7. Leave Behind A Clean House

Clean home, clean mind. Successful people realise that leaving a house full of clutter is no way to start your week. Clean up after yourself and keep the household ticking over.

Some of the successful people referenced in this article include David Karp – CEO and founder of Tumblr, Ursula Burns – CEO of Xerox, Tim Armstrong – CEO of AOL. 

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