Our friends over at Peel and Airows have combined to create a super sleek collection of ultra minimal iPhone cases. We've told you about Peel before, but they've now added a bit of colour to their collection with the addition of the Explorer Edition.

Based heavily on 70's style, you can't really fault the vibrant colour choices available, including the likes of Tumma, Crispin, Kylosun (which are basically just fancy names for dark blue, light blue and yellow). But where Peel really comes into its own is the design: never would you expect a case so thin (0.35mm), to hug your phone so tightly.

Slack for iOS Upload-2.jpg

We've been lucky enough to test them out over the past few weeks and we honestly can't fault them. Well worth the asking price of $25.

Slack for iOS Upload-1.jpg
Slack for iOS Upload.jpg