The Top 10 Professions That Get The Most 'Right Swipes' on Tinder

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Tinder has released a list of the most right-swiped professions on its app. Some of the professions are pretty obvious, like who wouldn't swipe right to a pilot eh? But there are some surprises on the list. Check out the most swiped right professions for both men and women below.

Most Right-Swiped Jobs For Men

1) Pilots

2) Founder/entrepreneur

3) Firefighter

4) Doctor

5) TV/Radio personality

6) Teacher

7) Engineer

8) Model

9) Paramedic

10) College student 

Most Right-Swiped Jobs For Women

1) Physical Therapist

2) Interior Designer

3) Founder/entrepreneur

4) PR/Communications

5) Teacher

6) College student

7) Speech Language Pathologist

8) Pharmacist

9) Social Media Manager

10) Model

via Tinder