The Best Way of Getting Video & Music On Your iPhone Without iTunes

It’s no secret how much of a pain iTunes is, its lack of format support, clunky UX and other issues make for a rather unpleasant experience, especially if all you want to do is quickly transfer some music or a film to your iPhone or iPad.

Introducing Waltr, by far the easiest way to transfer files to your device. It takes a far simpler approach, all you have to do is connect your device, open Waltr and drag your files into it. Waltr will then convert any files that need to be converted, and transfer them to your device.

You don’t need to use a third-party app to play your media either – you can access them from Apple’s Music and Videos apps.

There’s a few ins and outs which you might need to wrap your head around before you fully get to grips with Waltr. So we recommend checking through their site before buying.

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