PlayStation VR Will Change Gaming As We Know It And It's Coming in October

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Finally, Sony has announced that the PlayStation VR will cost $399, and it will be available in October 2016. A price that isn't expensive at all, especially when you're comparing it to Playstation VR's closest competitors.

Unfortunately the base level PlayStation VR doesn't come with the company's Move controllers, and it also doesn't come with the PlayStation Camera — which is required to use PSVR. These can be bought seperatly, but will also be included in future bundles.

If you're not familiar with the VR specs, take a look below: 

  • Screen Size: 5.7"
  • Resolution: 1920x1080 (960x1080 per eye)
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz, 90Hz
  • Latency: Less than 18ms
  • Sensors: 360 Degree Tracking/9LEDS
  • Field of View: Approximately 100 degress
  • Controller: Dualshock 4 & PS Move

Sony confirmed that 50 games will be released between PSVR's release in October and the end of the year, and also released a short video detailing some of these games (see below). Besides VR games, there's something called cinematic mode, which will let you play flatscreen games or watch movies. Users see the entire 16:9 PS4 menu and can play all of their PS4 Games. Cinematic mode supports 3 zoom levels. Includes an updated media player app so users can see video and photos captured from 360 cameras. So exciting.

Here's the official announcement video for the price and release date for PlayStation VR: