6 Email Apps For Getting Your iPhone To Inbox Zero

It changes from person to person, but the chances are that the mail app is one of your most commonly used apps. So if you’re going to spend so much time in an app, you may as well have the best, right? Now that our go-to app, Mailbox has been put to bed, we’ve put together a list of some of the front runners in the iOS email app market.

Inbox by Google

Feature-rich email app, super charged with Google’s search expertise and Google Now features. Useful for those of you with many Gmail accounts and emails that contain different types of attachments. 7/10


An app for the email power user. It has an endless list of features and customization potential that will let you send and receive your email exactly how you want. A great email client, whether it deserves the $3.99 price tag is a different story. 7/10


Customizable and feature-rich. Definitely one of the best email apps you can get for iOS. We covered Spark in a separate post here. 8/10


A lot of peoples go-to email app. It’s simple and efficient with a clever email management system. Not entirely customizable, but this might be a positive for some people. 8/10


The new kid on the block and commonly known as the successor to Mailbox. It looks great, it’s slick, satisfying, and handles the simple stuff very well. You can track emails cleverly and use the all new one-click unsubscribe feature to quickly get rid of unwanted mail. Pair this with the Polymail Mac app, and you’re set. 9.5/10


CloudMagic does the simple things perfectly, it doesn’t add any pointless features and it’s incredibly easy to add multiple accounts across different platforms. This was my go-to app in between the death of Mailbox and the rise of Polymail. A solid app. 8/10

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