Oppo Shows Their New Phone That Can Charge From 0 To 100% In 15 Minutes

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It's been years since the technology in batteries have kept up with the rest of the tech that goes into a phone - however now we're finally starting to see progress.

Oppo, the mobile company that's bigger in China than anywhere else in the world, have released a battery charging technology called super VOOC that can charge a smartphone ridiculously quick - from dead to full in 15 minutes.

The downsides are that, first; Super VOOC's fast charging time only applies to phones with a 2,500 mAh battery. And second; the technology, at the moment, is exclusive to Oppo phones, which means for now, we we wont be seeing these in our iPhones or Galaxy devices.

This is still massive progress and hopefully a sign of things to come from others in the future. Advancement in battery technology is well overdue.