Axis Vidius Is The World's Smallest First Person View Drone

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First person drones are becoming more and more popular, the pilot view gives you a completely different perspective of where the drone is and what it's seeing. The  Axis Vidius is the world's smallest first person drone at under an inch high.

Here's some specs on the Axis Vidius and a video which runs through what it's able to do.

You don’t need a bulky, FAA-registered drone to get a view from the pilot’s seat. The Axis VIDIUS Drone may be small, but it offers a live first person view from its built-in video camera! You can flip, roll, speed through narrow spaces, and more while streaming and recording your every move. The live video feed is transmitted to your Apple or Android device via Wi-Fi, and can even be shared instantly with the VIDIUSDrone App. Plus with an 100-foot range, you can explore far and wide without lifting a foot.

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Axis Vidius