10 Things The Samsung Galaxy S7 Can Do That iPhone Can’t

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were announced yesterday to pretty positive reactions. Not a whole lot changed, but quite frankly, not a lot needed to. Business Insider were lucky enough to get some hands on with the new phones and compile a small list of how they differ from the iPhone. Is it enough to make you switch though?

1. Galaxy S7 is water-resistant.
The S7 can go more than a meter under water for 30 minutes.

2. Galaxy S7 can charge a lot quicker.
Up to 60% battery in 30 minutes of charging.

3. Galaxy S7 can charge wirelessly.
Faster than regular charging. A long awaited feature for iPhone.

4. The Galaxy S7’s camera can auto-focus faster than the iPhone 6s.

5. Galaxy S7 also takes better photos in the dark.

6. You can can add more storage on the Galaxy S7.
Add up to 200GB with the microSD slot built into the SIM tray.

7. Galaxy S7 has a bigger battery.
Galaxy = 3,000mAh. iPhone 6s = 1,715mAh.

8. Samsung Pay works on regular credit card readers.
Samsung Pay works with almost any credit card reader, even really old ones.

9. Galaxy S7 has an “always-on” screen.
Check basic date, time, and notifications without even waking the phone.

10. The Galaxy S7 Edge has widgets on the curved display’s edges.
Perform basic actions like composing a text and searching news all from the edge of the screen.