You’ll Want Sony’s New Short Throw Projector In Every Room Of Your House

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Sony have just released details on quite a few interesting electronics that are tied in with their futuristic Life Space UX concept. One of the most interesting being their Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector that turns any surface into a TV.

It’s a tiny projector that sits a short distance away from your wall to beam any image onto it. The battery-powered device lasts around two hours on a single charge and can project an autofocused 1366 x 768 image of 100 lumens and between 22 and 80 inches. There’s all the standard ports including HDMI, but you can also access content via a wireless hub connected to your PC or TV.

The projector will be available in Japan on February 13th, then it’ll be coming to America in the summer for around the price of $798.