Our friends over at Need/Want know how to make a good product. They're behind the Peel iPhone case, Emoji Masks, Minimums, and a lot more. Their latest product, Smart Bedding, is a little different, but just as interesting and useful.

Waking up with sheets bunched at the end of your bed, the top sheet and duvet cover becoming misaligned, tucking in sheets around the edges of your bed - problems all fixed by Smart Bedding.


By introducing a snap system along the left and right edges of the duvet cover and top sheet, the two pieces will always stay aligned, without giving the effect of being in a sleeping bag.

Because of the clever design, you'll never have to make your bed again. Never again tuck in protruding sheets, dig for the tangled mess at your feet, or realign the top sheet and duvet cover.


As well as solving many of the problems we already face with bedding, Smart Bedding is top quality, they make their sheets out of the finest French linen washed with volcanic stones. Find out more about why the guys at Need/Want chose linen as their go-to material here

Prices start at $349 for the complete bedding set (1 duvet cover in your choice of  6 colours, 1 white top sheet, 1 white fitted sheet, and 2 white pillow cases. We'd definitely recommend.