Mirrors 101: Right Way of Decorating with Mirrors


Well-placed mirrors can maximize a room's style effortlessly. By reflecting light, opening up space, giving an illusion of depth on a flat wall and generally enhancing the décor, mirrors have the power to make or break your room. Often touted as one of the most under-appreciated decorating tool, here are five easy tips on incorporating mirrors intelligently as home décor and accents.

  1. An illusion of all things space - Small bedrooms are cozy to snuggle and read a book in, or just to relax at. But don’t we want a magical touch that makes the bedroom look large? Play with mirrors to bring about an illusion of space and width. If you lack closet space and the bedroom seems too crowded, place mirrors on wardrobe panels to give you an illusion of largeness in space. It also doubles up as a freestanding dressing room, without actually having a dressing table inside the cramped bedroom. You could also use wall-to-wall mirrors on the bed back as as a beloved piece of artwork in your bedroom. Distressing them or installing sconces to give a more modern tone is highly recommended.

  2. Let there be light - Have a small apartment and a small hall-cum-living space that hardly has enough light entering in? Place a large mirror on the main wall of the living room or the hall, or bang opposite the window and transform your room. The trick lies in using mirrors and lights as focal point and playing around with it. You could even install a spotlight around a mirror to create a certain sort of glow area in the room. Ideal in dressing rooms and corners, think of how one bold piece should be used to set the entire tone for the room. This concept brings in more lights and creates an illusion of more space than what you really live in.

  3. A window out of nothing - You would fall in love with this idea, especially if you live in a small stand alone home with just the ground floor to your name. Use a repurposed wood window sash, placing glass on each with square mirrors. Place the repurposed wood window sash on the focus wall, and keep a chic wooden antique table below it with a flower vase for décor. What you now have is a faux window to the outside world, and plenty of light bouncing from it too into the hall or the living room.

  4. Oversized mirrors to spruce up the entry way - Instead of downsizing the entry way because the ceiling is too low, use an oversized mirror with dark ebony wooden paneling as a configuration that makes the welcoming space an entrée to behold. For a fresh and a very vibrant look, light-colour furniture couch sets for the floor, along with a nice vase and side lamps bring about an illusion of added space. A smaller, horizontal mirror would work in a narrow hallway or staircase creating a better flow from room to room. No more awkward bare walls to unwillingly flaunt when family and friends come calling.

  5. Furniture transformation with mirror - Bored of the same old dining table and centerpieces, and the wooden old chairs? It is time to spruce up the dining room and bring in some light fun and flair with mirrors. Mirror furniture is a great way to add to the space advantage of any area. A mirrored chest of drawers, mirrored coffee-table or a mirrored dining table tricks the eye into thinking that the mirror doesn’t exist. Mirror glass is easy to clean and when placed with antique silver candle stands in various shapes and sizes along with an over-sized white metal chandelier, it brings about an understatedly gorgeous look. However, if there’s a lot going on within the room and it already has a lot of accents, mirrored furniture is not necessary.

An intrinsically neutral element, mirrors can be used to exude a traditional or contemporary vibe, depending upon your taste. Do check out Kohls.com as it houses a large variety of mirrors. From antique to rustic to contemporary to traditional, they are sure to add depth of space and add immense artistic value to your space. Planning to get a few extra discount on your purchase? Go straight ahead and choose for some budget-friendly discounts and online deals for Kohls.com. Sign up for Kohl’s deal alerts today and be rest assured to give your room an opulent feel without breaking a bank for it!

GOLDEN TIP: Obey the rules of feng shui when placing mirrors. It is believed when mirrors are placed in bedroom, especially facing the bed, it tends to interfere with the personal energy, and can also have a direct impact on your intimate relationships. Whereas, placing a mirror over a fireplace or as a kitchen cabinet panel exudes positive energy. This is because mirror is a water element, and when placed next to fire elements it balances the energies. You could even place mirrors in the entrance of your abode to offer a welcoming feel.


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