Five Tricks To Help You Charge Your iPhone Faster

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It's certainly no secret that the batteries in the last few iPhones really aren't up to scratch. After moderate use, some iPhones don't even last a full day, so we need all the knowledge we can to try and get our phones back up to 100% as soon as possible.

Here are five simple tricks that can help you charge your iPhone as quick as possible.

1.  Put your iPhone facedown

No this isn't so you don't see notifications, it's actually so the notifications don't come up at all. When your iPhone is facedown it stops your phone lighting up every time you have a notification using an iOS 9 feature called Facedown Detection. This can improve battery life by up to an hour and dramatically improve charge time.

2. Put your iPhone in Airplane Mode

One of the more commonly known tricks on the list. With Airplane Mode on, all Wi-Fi and mobile radios are turned off, and all applications are closed that need these features to run in the background. You will definitely notice a difference between charging while in Airplane Mode and not using it.

3. Use a 2.1 AMP wall charger

What you may not know is that the iPad charger is actually different to the one you get with your iPhone, and using the 2.1 AMP iPad charger instead of the iPhone one will make a massive difference to charging times.

4. Charge your iPhone at room temperature

Not that we're expecting many of you to be charging your phone in a freezer or an oven. But it's good to know that charging your phone at higher or lower than standard room temperature can mess with your battery's materials, causing stress and long term damage, and in the short term considerably diminish your charge times.

5. Put your iPhone in low power mode

Just like Airplane Mode, putting your iPhone in low power mode restricts certain features of your phone, in turn making it consume less power. Low power mode disables battery-draining features like Siri and automatic downloads.

To do this, go to Settings > Battery > Low Power mode. Or just ask Siri.