8 Must-Have Accessories For Your iPhone 6 & 6s

We’ve curated a list of 8 essential iPhone 6 and 6s accessories that once you use, you won’t be able to live without. If you’ve got any more accessories that you recommend let us know in the comments.

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No iPhone is complete without a quality set of headphones along side it, we were lucky enough to test out the AIAIAI TMA-2’s and we could hardly fault them.

Kenu Airframe+ Car Mount

Car mounts have a tendency to be over complicated, whereas users want the complete opposite of that. The Airframe+ is sleek, compact, and it does its job. Plus you can’t knock that leather finish.

Apple Saddle Brown Leather Case
As far as cases go, you can’t really look past the official leather one from Apple, the quality is on point and it wears perfectly. If brown’s not really your thing, then you can’t go wrong with the black one. Oliur covered it in a video not long ago, check it out below.

Peel Glass Screen Protector

Screen protectors certainly aren’t few and far between, quality ones that are going to last are definitely not as common, we’d recommend the Peel Glass.

2 Meter Lighting Cable

You may not think you’ll need a lighting cable longer than the one that Apple give you. But it’s a guarantee that as soon as you don’t have one, you’ll need one. Either way they’re handy to have around. Apple’s official one is slightly expensive at £25, you can easily save money by just getting an Apple Certified one from Amazon around £8.

Lepow PIE Portable Charger

When it comes to adding extra power to your iPhone there’s an abundance of options, which says more about the iPhone’s battery more than anything. We’d recommend the Lepow; it’s good-looking, compact, Apple Certified, detaches easily, and it’s way cheaper than the official Apple battery case.

Spool Dock by Quell & Co

No workspace is complete without a dock for your iPhone. You can’t really go wrong with the official Apple dock, but if you’re looking for something a bit different, the Spool Dock by Quell & Co.

Satechi Divoom OnBeat-200

An iPhone and a good quality bluetooth speaker go hand in hand, there’s tons on the market, so choosing one is quite a task. The Satechi Divoom-500 wireless speaker is compact, stylish, and it keeps it simple at a good price.

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