WLPPR Lets You Use Stunning Photos Of Earth As Your Wallpaper

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You may remember a couple of months ago we showed you 22 Spectacular Satellite Image-Themed iPhone Wallpapers by wlppr.co, the images that they use for their wallpapers are absolutely awe-inspiring.


Well now they've come out with an app so it's even easier to use their photos as wallpapers. It's no secret that the amount of wallpaper apps on the App Store is quite a lot, but honestly, you wont find any wallpaper app that's any more beautiful than this. You'll find weekly updates with new images - some of them are paid but even the free ones (of which there are quite a lot) are still worth the download.

You can also find a detailed description of where each photo was taken to make the wallpaper, as well as being able to download them for your iPhone 5, 6, or 6+.

Head over to the App Store to download wlppr now.

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