People In Other Industries React Brilliantly To Being Asked For Free Spec Work

Say 'no' to spec work
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Most industries in the world don't ever provide 'spec work' for free, so how come companies from the design and advertising world carry on doing so? It's certainly not a new question, but Toronto-based agency Zulu Alpha Kilo really puts across how crazy it is in their video 'Spec' - a guy looking for various services approaches real men and women to see if they'd provide their service for free to see if he likes it before committing to more, just like people ask for in the design industry.

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Zulu Alpha Kilo get their point across perfectly, it's ludicrous to ask for a free service to see how good it is. "It's time we all said no to spec," says the on-screen copy at the end of the new video.

Check out the video below.

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