YouTube Red – The New YouTube Subscription Service

Google’s video sharing platform YouTube has announced its new subscription service called ‘YouTube Red‘.

At $9.99 per month, the new subscription service gives you access to ad-free videos, the ability to save videos to watch offline on your mobile devices and play videos in the background as you perform other tasks – a long awaited feature.

Members will also get access to its “recently launched Gaming app” and a “brand new YouTube Music app”, which the company will be announcing soon. Subscribers will also be given access to ‘Red Originals‘ – original content from some of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Currently, US residents can try YouTube Red free for one month, starting from 28th October. Countries outside the US have to wait to see when the new subscription service will be available.

It remains to be seen how ‘worth it’ YouTube Red will be, but from a company like Google, we’re expecting big things.

To find out more check out the video below, or read YouTube’s official blog post.

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