How To Jailbreak Your iPhone Or iPad On iOS 9

Jailbreaking is the legal process of removing restrictions imposed by Apple’s operating system, so you can add anything from themes to make your UI look better, to tweaks to get your iPhone running more how you want it to. The jailbreak for iOS 9 was released earlier this month, unfortunately it was only for windows. Thankfully, Pangu have now released their jailbreak for Mac as well.

The jailbreak works the same as it does on Windows, the process is pretty straightforward, but we’ll go through it with you right now.

You will need to be on iOS 9.0.2 or below though, so if you upgraded to 9.1 last week, you’re out of luck on the jailbreak.

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1. Download the Pangu Jailbreak Tool here.

2. Double click and run Pangu.

3. Quit iTunes and XCode before jailbreaking. Also make sure you have passcode turned off and FindMyiPhone turned off for precautionary measures.

4. Once your device is connected and detected by the Pangu Jailbreak Tool, press Start to jailbreak.

5. After reading through the ‘Jailbreak Notice’, Press ‘Already Backup’ to begin the process.

6. Follow the on-screen instructions and be ready to turn on your device onto Airplane Mode when instructed.

7. After its first reboot, unlock the device, and enable Airplane Mode again.

8. Upon request, unlock the device, launch the Pangu App installed on the home screen.

9. Tap Accept, and allow access to Photos.

10. The jailbreak process will continue.

11. Do not do anything if you see ‘Device is Almost Full’ message. Just wait until the jailbreak finishes.

12. Once you see ‘Jailbreak completed’ on your computer, you’re good to go.

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