Breathtaking Images Of Norway’s Fjords Captured From A Kayak

Talented Norway-based photographer Tomasz Furmanek, has been documenting the majestic natural beauty of his adopted home country for the past three years. With just a kayak and his digital camera he heads round the Norwegian Fjords to take awe-inspiring photos of his surroundings.

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AMA (Ask me anything) My account just reached 60 thousand followers. Thank you for all the likes and comments. I feel a bit bad for not having enough time to reply all the comments and questions I get. It is generally easier to contact me via Facebook regarding kayaking and photography questions. My Facebook page is linked in my Instagram bio. I have written 6 things about myself in this post, mostly related to kayaking and photography. You can write your questions below and I will answer them as soon as possible. This photo is 3 years old and is taken in Hjørundfjord , Norway. 1. Kayaking and photography is a hobby. I work full time at The Institute of Marine Science in Bergen Norway. I mainly do bioinformatics analyses and programming related to genetics in marine science. I spend most of my time in front of a computer monitor . 2. I am 41 years old and have lived in Bergen Norway, since I was 6 years old. I am born in Poland and speak Polish in addition to Norwegian and English. 3. I only go kayaking during weekends, vacations and sometimes 1-2 hour trips after or before work. 4. I mainly use a GOPRO 4 black ed, Sony RX100 mk2 and a Sony A6000 16-70 in my kayak. For landscape photography I also use nikon DSLR's. 5. I edit my RAW photos and many GOPRO JPG's in Lightroom. Some of my GOPRO shots are edited in Photoshop Express on an Android phone. 6. My gopro camera is always mounted on my Sweet Protection Strutter kayaking helmet. Thank you very much for the support and feedback.

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