10 Jobs with the Healthiest Work/Life Balance

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As much as we like to report on tech and design here on UltraLinx, we also like to share some interesting lifestyle articles as well - according to job-listings site Glassdoor there are some jobs that incorporate a more healthy work/life balance than others, and the list is quite interesting.

According to the reviewers that Glassdoor asked, they found that people are feeling less and less balanced every year. Back in 2009, the average rating was a 3.5, but now it's down to 3.2. However there are still some jobs that are consistently ranked higher than others when it comes to work/life balance.

Check out the top 10 below, see the full list on Glassdoor's website.

  1. Data scientist
  2. SEO manager
  3. Talent acquisition specialist
  4. Social media manager
  5. Substitute teacher
  6. Recruiting coordinator
  7. UX designer
  8. Digital marketing manager
  9. Marketing assistant
  10. Web developer