The New Moto 360 Smartwatch Is Everything We Wanted

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This time a year ago Motorola released a smart watch that was, and still is, in many peoples opinions the best on the market. Well now the successor to their wonderful Moto 360 has been announced and it's everything we hoped for.

As good as the original 360 is, it's not without its faults, little battery life, large size and some peculiar design details were just some of the things letting down Android's flagship smartwatch.

This time around Motorola hasn't only fixed problems, but they've added to what's already a great piece of technology, the new 360 is now going to be available in 4 models: a men's version in two sizes, a women's version, and a dedicated sport version. Buyers will have over 300 possible combinations of looks with bands, colours, bezels, and sizes all in the mix. The new model also now comes with a new sleek mechanism that makes it far easier to change straps around.

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Unfortunately we still don't know the performance specs of the new 360, so we're going to have to wait to see what improvements are to be made. A great advantage this year is that it will now have compatibility with the iPhone.

One problem is, Motorola has a lot more competition this time around, especially with Apple entering the scene and other companies being much stronger than what they was last year. That being said Motorola know this game, and even if they can half emulate the success of Moto 360, the new one will be one of the top dogs for this generation of smart watches.

The men's and women's Moto 360s are available for preorder from Motorola's website starting today and will begin shipping in a couple of weeks, while the Moto 360 Sport will be available later this year. The pricing for the new Moto 360's ranges from $299.99 to $429.99, a bit of a step up from the original 360 price tag. The price of the Sport is still unknown.

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Check out the video below that'll give you a far better look at the new Moto 360's, courtesy of The Verge.